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How climate change could impact your investments

Learn about the financial risks of climate change and how they could impact your investments.

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How the pandemic could impact Canadians’ retirement plans

In 2020, COVID-19 has hit Canadians aged 75 and over. However, seniors appear to be weathering the pandemic’s financial storm better than younger generations.

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Been bitten by inflation? Here’s how inflation-linked bonds can protect you

Learn how inflation-linked bonds can mitigate the effects, how they compare to traditional bonds and how they can help you protect your nest egg.

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Tempted to bet big on trendy stocks? Try Core & Explore instead

Here’s a look at how a core-and-explore portfolio is constructed and what advantages it offers.

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Is it time for a return of value investing?

Value investing hasn’t been in vogue for a decade, but changing market conditions could soon make it more popular.

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What is short selling and why do investors do it?

Short selling is a sophisticated strategy that many active traders use to try and capitalize on stocks or markets they feel are overvalued.

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